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Association blonde d'aquitaine du Québec

Blond BreedBreeding Qualities

Most tractable

The Blonde d’Aquitaine is most tractable. It is recognized by all the breeders. It is an important asset for outdoor breeding.


Exceptional rusticity

Will adapt to very cold temperature : in Canada, her resistance to the cold is unanimously recognized. The cows will calve in the snow.

January 1985, the Blondes in the Gers endured with ease outdoor temperatures of below 20°C.

They can easily resist hot temperatures : being from the warmest region of France, they like the sun and they never lay down in the shade during hot weather of over 40°C.

They are classified as a resistant breed to high levels of thermal stress.veau1

Very good walkers : Being accustomed to the dry hillsides of the South West of France where during the summer there is almost no grass, dry, coarse and distant water holes, they are able to, when necessary, They can walk a long distance to find food.

High capacity for grazing : August 25th, 1975, the ministry of agriculture of New Zealand wrote a letter where we can read “An important and noticeable observation was made in reference to their high capacity for grazing, superior to other imported breeds of bulls”

Very easy to feed : grass in the summer and straw in the winter.

Regain her weight very quickly after being undernourished as much as any rustic breed.

Long life : cows of 15 years of age are not rare. The champion “Azuréenne” ended her career at the age of 17 after having given 17 calves, even with all the pampering she received for the contests.
Easy calving

One of the characteristic of the Blonde d’Aquitaine is their ease in calving pure bred or cross breed. Outdoors, they will easily bare calves alone, 4 reasons for this are :

  1. Her pelvis being longer then large.
  2. Calves will be born thin and long even with an average weight of 46 kg for males and 43 kg for females. This makes it easier for them to come out having a longer head, thin and long legs. Professor Charlet of the National Institute of Agronomics used to say, in comparing the Blonde d’Aquitaine with other breeds “that it was easier to pass a cigar then a box of matches”.

    Shoulder, pelvis and thigh muscles will appear at the age of 3 weeks to 1 month.

  3. The Blonde d'Aquitaine has a larger pelvis opening. It is interesting to know that different cross breeding trials on different French rustic breeds showed that the Blonde d’Aquitaine transferred this quality to her calf, which allows usage of the F1 cross bred Blondes for reproduction.
  4. A Blonde d’Aquitaine cow will prepare herself well along with her capacity to “push”, a rustic character.

In pure bred : statistics show 98% of easy calving. Caesareans are very rare, most breeders will never have to witness any.

In cross-breeding : the Blonde bull transfers its long body characteristic allowing easy calving.
The Blonde d'Aquitaine is a good nurturer

The Blonde d’Aquitaine gives good milk, her calves are born strong and grow quickly.

The Blonde calves are heavier at 3 months.

Blond calves are strong and will endure the cold weather easily. Tom Fisher from Montana, USA, wrote :

"A large number of calves were born in the snow, mud, water, anything you can think of. I have never seen young calves with more vitality then the Blonde d’Aquitaine ones. I have timed several : they were standing only 7 minutes after they were born. It is difficult to believe having bred other breeds."