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Association blonde d'aquitaine du Québec

Blond BreedBreed Description

The Blonde Breed presents a unique and extraordinary particularity of behaving in rearing as a rustic breed and in fattening as the most performing beef, producing at lesser cost, whatever her age and utilization, the highest quantity of lean meat.

Their qualities are defined by higher pricing for all types of animals ( reproduction or finished ), which offers the breeder a higher revenue, more choice and better security.

The Blonde d’Aquitaine is also appreciated by butchers who will cut more steaks and by consumers since there is less fat and the meat is tender and delicious.

They are the modern breed for the TERMINAL CROSS that everybody has been waiting for.

Plus, they are so elegant and so gentle !

Not surprising that breeders prefer the BLONDE D’AQUITAINE !


Coat : clear wheat, pink membrane, blond horns.

Large breed  which continues to progress.

Very long trunk : the longest trunk of all breeds. Bulls with over 2 meters long trunks are not rare. This will give a larger portion of 1st quality meat ( long muscles ).

Fine bone structure : less bones, better return.